Jan. 27, 2012

Making up an absence

to:All Students

Attention Haumana e Makua

Beginning next week, I will be asking that students sign-up to come in during lunch to make-up for any absences. Due to the fact that I give points daily for activites done during class, it is essential that students come in to assure they recieve the information they miss. Students are responsible for signing up with me if they have had an absence. Mahalo for your understanding and support.

Jan. 17, 2012

Reminder about absences

to:All Students

Aloha makua and haumana,

A friendly reminder, that in order for an absence to be considered excused we need either a call to Keala (SASA), the day of the absence or a note from you to be given a and signed by all kumu when your keiki returns to kula.

Per the parent/student handbook a student will be at risk of failing a class after 10 unexcused absence. Also, kumu are NOT required to give make-up work for absences that are unexcused.

Please help us ensure the success of your keiki by calling or sending notes in the event of an absence.



Kumu Nina