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July 07, 2012

2nd Quarter grades

to:All Students

Hi everyone it is at this time that I make it  well known that the following grades have been completely updated , 2nd Quarter reading Class rm 100, Math class rm 100,102,203... Listening class rm 100,102,203.

Therefore at this moment I give notice that what ever grade is persent in gradebook at this time, it is very likely that , that particular grade will be your 2nd Quarter Report Card Grade !!

If there are any questions reguarding your's and or your child's grade.. It is now that I urge u to get in contact with me, wheather through a meeting or over the phone,  and or for students pull me to the side and write me a reminder note .

Thank You Plus Have a Daring Good Day.. Mr.B.C !!!!




April 03, 2012

2nd Quarter Grading / And More

to:All Students

Time in - Do to the exteneding of the break , we are now on the third Quarter and the second quarter grades will be based solly on the break packet. All break grades will be in no later than next friday, and I will have grades in for third Quarter also by next friday.

For any assissments given during this week / the first week back from break, there will be no late work . Meaning i will not accept any thing late.

Understand this during next week I will be giving 10 minutes before each period for 2 days , to allow you to complete and turn in what ever missing assissments as possible !!!!

Thank you and have a fantastic day !!!


P.S. Mr.LB

Jan. 21, 2012


to:All Students

Grades are do in, by this monday.. I perosonally not be excepting any late work.

No Late Work  Thanks and have an wonderful learning day.

Jan. 21, 2012

Winter Break Packages

to:All Students

All Packages Info will be given tomorrow. I ask that all students be on there best to get though the last day of school before the two week break.!!!!!!

All packages must be turned in the first day back from the break, If I don't ask for them , give them to me anyway.. or remind me .. Do to the fact that the Winter break is two weeks from the second quater, those grades will  very closely determine your progras report grades.


Dec. 20, 2011

Math Paper.1

to:All Students

Please trun in your vary first Math Paper.1 ,,, Will go in the Gradebook By Friday,, Nobody truned this Exams in ,,, You Will Fail