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March 01, 2012

7th & 8th Grade Auction Project

from:Sims, Cindy

to:All Students

The 7th and 8th grade art class is working on a project to be auctioned off. An old wooden sewing machine cabinet has been re-purposed as a side table by Mr. lawton, Mr. Radford and, Mr. Sims until it was nice and sturdy.  So Far Shamar, Henry and, Justin have put on several primer coats of Kilz. The students have chosen a very attractive color palate and will begin painting next week. They are also working on Figure Ground Designs to go on the 3 side panels and front door. Figure Ground Design can be difficult to learn and is usually not taught until senior high or college. Please encourage and pray for them, there is still a lot to do! This will be worth bidding on.  Thank You, Mrs. Sims