Jan. 02, 2012

Current Event Blogs

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Here are links to your current event sites. 

Parents can also copy and paste these links to view and read your current event articles on your groups blog. 


The Back Cover News :

3D News // The Daily Dublin Double :






Oct. 19, 2011

Current Events

from:Moody, Jordan

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Current Events

2nd semester you will be required to turn in Current Event Word Documents. 

To find out what they are I have attached a "Current Event doc." that you can view in order to see the directions again.

  1. Make a Word doc. of your typed up summaries 
  2. Go to
  3. Log in (I gave you your access code:)
  4. Go to your grades and look for an assignment labeled "Current events"
  5. You do not have a grade on this assignment 
  6. Click on "Upload" 
  7. Choose the file/Word doc. you have created for your current event summaries
  8. Upload it. 

3 Current Event Summaries each week. Thats 3 different Articles

Your Articles should be labeled in in one of these following categories:

Headline - The front page article, above the fold the main article on the front
• Political Cartoon - Not the comic page, but from the editorial pages. Usually a single
pane. For this category your first paragraph explains the meaning of the cartoon
followed in the second by your reaction. (You must attach a copy of the cartoon to
your report.)
Sports Story - From the sports page.
• Turkey Award - A story that was about something you thought of as being really silly,
useless or illogical.
• Good Deed Award - Sometimes news organizations report something good.
• It’s a Weird World - A story that you thought of as strange or odd in some way.
• Business News - Go to the business section and find something about business or
• Arts and Leisure - Go the the arts section of the news media and report something
there. (No credit will be given for stories on rock stars, movie personalities, etc. No pop
• Human Interest - A story that shows something interesting about the human condition.



The articles should also include the link to the article you read from an online news site. 


The article should include the date of the issue you read in a magazine or newsaper. 

Oct. 19, 2011

Current Events #2

from:Moody, Jordan

to:World History

For now you will continue to add to the same Word document each week as you have it. 

By the end of 2nd quarter there will be many different summaries from each week in the same Word document as you will continue to edit and add to the same document. 


Use this header to divide the weeks. 


this is an example of the information you should have for each week.





Sept. 30, 2011

Gospel video by Eric Ludy

from:Moody, Jordan

to:All Students

I posted the gospel video Mr. Eric showed in chapel on my facebook page if you want to watch it again.


You can find it here at this link: 


-Mr. Jordan