Welcome EAGLE School of Madison

Sept. 04, 2012

Week Seven

from:Gallo, Matt

to:All Students


   This will be a busy week but, managed properly, it should not be overwhelming.

   Students in the A class will have a bit more homework than their counterparts in the Bees but they can handle it.

   There is no Wordly Wise homework this week but there will be spelling words. This week's spelling assignment is also a current events task. Matt has explained it in class, several times and will do so again on Monday, so pay attention.

   Friday's writing assignment is a fairly important one, as well. It's the first of the three Yahara River Writing Contest submission. Students will write a short story, with a maximum of 850 words, about any thing that they choose. Again, Matt has explained this in class but sometimes he isn't certain that everyone is paying attention.

   Stay up-to-date and organize, organize, organize.


Aug. 24, 2012


from:Gallo, Matt

to:All Students

   Welcome to the 4/5 unit. Your teacher, Matt Gallo, will do his level best to make this a productive, interesting and worthwhile academic year. He expects all students to do their best, just as his students expect him to do his best. That is all we can ask.

   School started on Tuesday, Aug. 28, and there will be two homework assignments due the first week, including one on the first day. Pace yourselves, kids, and stay current by frequently checking this website.