Welcome EAGLE School of Madison

Aug. 27, 2012

Welcome to Junior 3/4B Class

from:Hoffman, Jean

to:Junior 3/4 B LA/SS/D

Dear Students---This year is a busy and exciting one. I look forward to working with all of you. I will be learning more about Thinkwave and will be using it to post assignments and communicate with you. Please check your account often and particularly whenever you are unsure of an assignment. You will also be using your assignment notebook to list your assignments. Hopefully, there will be few misunderstandings about your homework assignments.

Jean Hoffman

Aug. 24, 2012

Welcome To Upper Primary Class

from:Hoffman, Jean


Dear Parents,

     The following are the major activities for the week. Please understand that this list does not cover everything we do in class. Also, this list is not written in stone, but  it is to let you know  about the general concepts and activities we are working on each week.


  • This week is the first spelling lesson. The students have been placed in an appropriate level of the Spellwell spelling series. Look for the week's spelling list in your child's orange take home folder. There are bonus words that are added to the list each week. These words relate to the social studies curriculum. The students get points for each bonus word they spell correctly, but these words are not counted as part of the test score. Spelling tests are on Fridays.
  • Our first part of speech will be a review of nouns--proper and common.


  • Chris Van Allsburg is our first author's study. Each student has a journal where they will be asked questions and write their reflections about his stories.
  • We will be starting a unit on fables. Most of the stories are part of the Junior Great Book Program.
  • Each student is starting a reflective writing journal that will be keep and added to throughout the year.
  • Look for a letter from your child. We are working on addresses and correct letter format. Letters will be mailed on Friday.

Social Studies

  • The first unit of the year is called Our Community. This  is an introduction to the study of communities. In this unit, the students learn a lot of terms that will be of use throughout the year.