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Oct. 06, 2017

Updates in Primary Science

from:Wright, Sarah

to:Primary Science

Hello Parents and Guardians!

I just had the pleasure of attending today's TGIF presentation with your students, which was about reptiles (and included some live visitors!). The kids truly enjoyed it and most of them even touched a snake.

In Science class, we have begun investigating liquids: their properties, how they move, and how they are different from solids. I'm attaching a home extension sheet that you may wish to try with your child (but as always, entirely optional). You may also enjoy helping your children pour liquids from one container to another to see liquids take the shape of their containers, and use measuring cups to see that the volume stays the same even if it appears different. In the coming weeks, we will begin to learn what a "particle" is, partly in order to help us better tell the difference between solids and liquids. We'll also create mixtures of solids and liquids and explore ways to separate mixtures into their parts again.

Thanks for your support and we'll be in touch soon!