Welcome Gold Rush Charter School Greeley Hill

Sept. 20, 2013

Study Island Reminder

to:All Students


Students will have a Study Island assignment most weeks.

Make sure they are keeping up on their Language Arts and Math Study Island assignments.

Students are not to work ahead, but only do the lessons and quiz's assigned for that week.

Assignments not done by Friday, (9 AM) of each week will be late.

In 'Thinkwave' the Study Island quizes will say "SI" for Langauge Arts or Math. Each one is worth 10 points and will be graded according to percent correct.

Aug. 19, 2013

Assignment Rules

to:All Students

1. Late work will be made up during break, lunch, study hall, P.E. or during any other extra curricular activities. Each day late, you lose 10% of your grade.

2. Any work turned in without your name, date, subject, and grade level will lose 10% of their grade.

3. Term papers will lose 10% of their grade for every day late.

4. Any work that is not a test or quiz may be redone for 100% credit, but must be within a week.

5. School work is weighted in the following ways:
Classwork 33%
Homework 33% (term papers)
Tests & Quizzes 33%