Aug. 16, 2012

Lesson PLans to Aug 31

from:Dennis, Mary

to:Religion, 8th Grade

Thurs, Aug 16:  Hand out texts; discuss class procedures; Lecture on ch. 2.  Define terms page 18. Homework is to read both chapter 1 and 2 and take notes on what you read.

Tues, Aug. 21:  Lecture on Moses and Levitical priesthood, David as prefigurement of Jesus, and importance of Great Commission and Pentecost. HW:  work on study guide questions.

Thursday, Aug 23:  Quiz on chapters 1 and 2.  After quiz, read ch. 3 and define each of the four marks of the Church.  

Friday, Aug. 24:  Apostolic Fathers and church Fathers

Mon, Aug. 27:  standard testing to begin this week.  We continue in chapter 4; specific lesson plans will be determined by testing schedule.  Friday Aug 31 is noon dismissal.

May 20, 2012

World Geography Lesson Plans to May 21

from:Dennis, Mary


The final quarter will be focused on US Geography.  We will take the country in four regions:  Northeast, South, Midwest/Northern Plains, and West (Rockies/Pacific). 

Monday, May 21:  quiz on the Southern states & their capital cities; begin work on exam review guide. I have uploaded a copy of the exam guide as an attachment which you can print from here as well. 

Wed, May 23:  students will begin a series of review work in class - vocabulary, map skills, locating places on a blank map, etc.  All of this will be preparation for exams.

Friday, May 25:  more exam review work

Monday,  May 28 - Friday June 1 - standardized tests in morning; review with teachers in afternoon. 

Monday, June 4 - Normal schedule.  Meet with teachers for one last review day.  Geog exam is on Thursday, June 7.

May 14, 2012

Religion 7th Grade Lesson Plans -

from:Dennis, Mary

to:Religion, 7th Grade

Monday,May 14:  students get assignment on Marian project; lecture on the three priveleges of Mary (notes in class; not in text). 

Wed, May 16: continue lecture on Mary in Scripture and Tradition; questions/concerns about projects

Fri. May 18:  B day

Monday, May 21:  presentations on Marian projects

Wed, May 23:  begin exam review material

Friday, May 25:  exam review

May 13, 2012

Religion 8th Lesson Plans to May 25

from:Dennis, Mary

to:Religion, 8th Grade


Mon, May 21:  notes/discussion on the encyclicals.

Wed, May 23: Just War Theory; conclusion of chapter

Friday, May 25: begin exam review material

Monday, May 28 through Friday June 1 students will have standardized exams in the morning and classes in the afternoon.  Schedule should be posted in the hall.

Monday, June 4 - regular class day.  Study guide should be complete; be prepared for exam review work.   Religion exam will be Thursday, June 7.

May 07, 2012

Science Lesson Plan to Thurs May 24

from:Dennis, Mary

to:Science 7 - 8

Tuesday, May 8:  Make sure you go over your homework on fish (ques. 1-7 from the board). lecture/notes on lesson 1, fish and amphibians.  HW:  answer ques 8-14 on fish and amphibians.  Download the attachment "ch 4 Vertebrates SQ" for a complete list of study questions.

Thursday, May 10:Lesson 2:   reptile, birds, and mammals - define vocabulary & read section, pages B114-121

Friday, May 11:   A Day

Tuesday, May 15:  finish section 2: answer ques 1-16  for HW

Thursday, May 17:  check HW; review chapter for test next Tuesday.

Friday, May 18:  early dismissal today - short classes - review for chapter test

Tues, May 22:  chapter test; end of new material

Thursday, May 24:  All class activities, worksheets, etc. will be geared toward exam review.

Friday, May 25 - A day