Welcome AMK Elem.

April 17, 2012


to:All Students

Welcome back Student's! I hope you guys had a wonderful time off of school with in the past three months. Well, now we are preparing for the OGT, Austin, has to take the OGT in Three weeks, so we will be talking about that. I hope you guys will like this year, but the only sucky part about this year is you will have to take semester exam! I know everyone hates them, but it now in the new school policy, that took effected this morning. Which the superentident wanted up to posted on our webpage about. Semester Exam is a big test about what you have learned this year. But the final semester is the hardest one, you will be tested over what you have learned from the WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR, not just the second semester, the whole year. If you have any question please email me or call me. Thanks-