Welcome Leadership Academy

Sept. 27, 2011

Rescuing a Kite

from:Franklin, Ben

to:All Students

As you all know, the kite flew away. Let's find it. My key's on that kite! hyperlink

Sept. 23, 2011

Flying a kite

from:Franklin, Ben

to:All Students

Hello students,

Tonight we will fly a kite. It may be windy and lightning may strike, but I wouldn't worry about that. The key attached to a metal wire may spark a little. Don't touch it. Even a little.

The experiment is to determine if lightning contains some type of electricity. I don't think it does, but rumors are such. If it does, I will become famous as a scientist and statesman. And we all want that.

To bring:

  1. Rubber boots, dry please.
  2. Small bottle to store any captured electricity.
  3. Comb.
  4. Random lint and threads to 'electrify'.

Please bring your signed permission slip / liability releases, signed in triplicate. Use your quill, no turkey feathers please.