Sept. 13, 2012

Weekly Science Stars

from:Jordan , Theresa

to:All Students

I will be posting a list of students who earn high marks on a weekly basis. the first one was posted today.

Sept. 08, 2012


from:Jordan , Theresa

to:All Students

Please, remember to complete all work in class. If you don't understand something that I am teaching PLEASE tell me. Let's work together.

Papers will be returned on Monday, 9/10. I will keep a few back until all names have been added/entered into the system.

May 14, 2012

New 5th Grade Teacher

from:Pinozzi, Michelle

to:All Students


By now you have probably heard your 5th grader has a new classroom teacher.  My name is Mrs. Pinozzi and I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself as well as welcome and invite you to stop in the classroom during the day or after school - my door is always open.  I have a Bachelors of Science in Education and a Masters in Supervision and Leadership in Education from Cleveland State University.  I look forward to meeting you and discussing any questions, comments or concerns you may have.  I will be updating the on line grade book over the next couple of weeks with assignments, homework and grades.

Yours in Education,

Mrs. Pinozzi, M. Ed.