Oct. 02, 2018

Jr Youth Group - Weekly update


to:Youth Group

As-Salaamu Alaikum,

On 9/29, we covered most of Chapter 2 from 'Footsteps' book. Most of the students were prepared with answers from worksheet. 

We also did our assembly presentation on Hajj and Masha'Allah everyone did extremely well and it was well recieved. I wanted to thank all of them and parents for preparing on such short notice (only found out 2 wks ago we would be doing it). Also special thanks to Sr. Sara and Br. Adeel for helping and sharing their experiences from their recent Hajj with the school body. 

There was no HW assigned.

On 10/7, I will not be at Sunday School. Sr. Tabassum will be starting tafseer classes on Surah Kahf in the first period. Sr. May will be covering the second period and going over some Quran lessons to tie in with the tafseer lesson. 




Oct. 08, 2017



to:Level 2


On october 8th Sister Azra was the substitue teacher 

She did lesson on Hadith and Salah, Home work was page 33

She also passed out the study guide for the test next week. The test is on lessons 1 through 5. If kids practice the material on the study guide and also study the homework questions from each week, this is a great way to prepare. 

She passed out a wudu check list this is not home work, we will work on this in class next week. 

Any questions please email me, Thank you

Hashna Dheen