Aug. 30, 2012

환영하다 Welcome to Willowdale Christian School's ESL Programme


Welcome to Parents, Guardians and Students to the Willowdale Christian School English Language Learner Programme (ELL).

My name is Bruce McCorquodale and I am the ESL teacher at Willowdale Christian School. My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Honours in English Literature from Queen's University and my Education degree is a Masters of English Language from the University of McGill. I have obtained my ESL Level 1 Honour Certificate from the Minisry of Education and I have been a teacher for twenty five years. Twenty of these years has been serving at Willowdale Christian School at various grade levels from Grade 4 to Grade 8. My current positiion at the church is the Inforation Technology teacher, Lab Administrator and ESL teacher. 

Our programme at WCS is a three track programme which provides: one on one teaching and tutoring in the ESL classroom, immersion in our regular stream classes and filed trips also known as urban safari's in which students learn to use their acquired English vocubulary and skills in very practical ways. Your child will recieve a Christian nurturing education that fosters English language and faith aquisition.

I am looking forward to teaching your child in what will be an exciting and worthwhile learning experience. English acqusition is our goal!

In Christ,


D Bruce McCorquodale