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May 02, 2012

Final Days

to:All Students

Well, i'ved finished grading all of the Homeworks, and all of the students that had less than a 70% in the class counting the Homework are already withdrawed from the class. I have to say that if you all had complied with this assigment correctly, no   one would had been withdrwed from this class. Anyways, all that we have left is the Final Evaluation. Make you you re-read the evaluation page. I will attache it if for any reason you lost the 7 copies i gave you of it. We still have 2 more week of course and one week to relax for the final evaluation. Make sure you have EVERYTHING needed to complete this assigment. The simulator is open from  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Mondays to Fridays. BUT YOU NEED TO NOTIFY WITH TWO DAYS OF ANTICIPATION. One of the simulators is not functioning, so it will be a little full. PRACTICEE....... ;)

April 26, 2012

Towards the Final Exam

to:All Students

Well, by May 3rd all of you must have handed in all of your hw's. Up to now five people are missing. For all of you that have less than a 70% counting the HW you will recieve a note in the Assigments tab in Final Exam telling you that you will not take this. You will also know because you will be withdrawned from this class.

March 26, 2012

Evaluation Grades


I have finished evaluating your 100 pt Evaluation. I have to say that i am very pleased with your grades, many of you have been able to pull that grade up. However, continue doing good now that we have around 1 month of school left, and if by May 6, 2012 you dont have grater than a 65% you will be forsed to drop this class making all of your work a waste of time..... :D