Welcome Mr.Glaves School

Sept. 19, 2012

Welcome Back!

to:All Students

Welcome Back!

We are looking to have a lot of fun and learn a lot this year. We have a great group of kids and a good learning environment. I hope you all had a great and safe summer. Well now that it is time to go back to school make sure students have everything they need for class. I'm so excited to see everyone. Thank you!

     Sincerely, Mr. Glaves :)



Jan. 27, 2012

Daily Planner

to:All Students

Planner for 4/23/12- 2/28/12
Math: Chapter 1 Test

HW: None

Language Arts: Sp. Test Unit 5 Small vowel sounds


Literature: Stone Fox Ch. 9 and multiple choice quiz

HW: None

Social Studies: Christopher Columbus

HW: 20 notes

Science: Introduce Unit F Chapter 1 Lesson 1: Motin and Forces

HW: Finish Reading Lesson 1

Daily Activity: St. Patricks day activty and Easter activity

HW: None

S.O.S. Class: Lesson 7

HW: 1.WB pg. 86  2. Read WB pgs.      3. WB pgs. 94-96


Teacher: Mr. Glaves :)