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Sept. 03, 2012

Homework Week 9/4

from:Sabatino, Dan

to:All Students

     Students will receive homework in Computer Skills and World View on Tuesday, both of which will be do on Thursday and therefore it is recommended that it is completed early so as not to have too much homework on a church night.  Students will also be encouraged to study the Biology study guides that will go home Tuesday so as to prepare for the first test next Monday. 

Aug. 27, 2012

September Homework

from:Justis, Helen

to:US History 8

Here is your homework for the month of September.  So far, we are doing great!  I am proud of all of you!

Sept. 5  finish map study of the North Atlantic Coast

Sept. 6  Secotion Review page 44 1-2 and comp?


Sept 9 Handout:  Early Colonial Differences

Sept 10 Study for test tomorrow

Sept 11 No homework

Sept 12 One paragraph:  Why are most of the major cities in the NE located along the coastal plains?

Sept 13 No Homework

Sept 18 Section Review p 63 1-6 and Comp ?

Sept 19 Clues to america's past in your home...due Friday

Sept 20 Keep working on Clues to America's past in your home. Due tomorrow

Sept 21 no homework

sept 24 Study for test tomorrow

Sept 25 Test today...NOT open book

Sept 26 work on project

Sept 28 Work on project


Aug. 16, 2012

August Homework

from:Justis, Helen

to:US History 8

Here is your Homework for the month of August.  You also have this on a handout and written in your planner.  There are no excuses for not knowing what homework you have!


I hope this helps you to succeed.


8-16:  Write a one page story of an Indian Youth from the Mayan, Aztec, or Inca Tribe

8-17: Section Review P 5 1-5 if not completed in class

8-20: Section Review P 9 1-5 and Comp. question for homework

8-21:  Section Review P. 12 Questions 1-4 and Comp ?

8-22 Study for TEST TOMORROW!

8-23 No Homework!

8-24:  No Homework!

8-27: Section Review P.24 Questions 1-7 and Comp. ?

8-28:  Answer this question:  Why did the Puritans prosper?  Use the following verses to support your answer:  Proverbs 12:24; 13:11 and 21:25

8-29 No Homework

8-30  Section Review P 32 1-6 and Comp?

8-31  Test on Tuesday.  Review notes and book over the long weekend.  Use the Chapter Review to study from.  Test will be Open Book.  This does not mean it is easy.  It means be familiar with the material so you can find answers quickly if you don't remember the answer!