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Sept. 03, 2013

lesson 3

from:Peng, Ling

to:Chinese I / II Grades 6- 12

一.  review lesson 2:

1. greeding with extending the sentences: 

  A.How are you?  

  B. I'm very good (good;   not bad;  ok;  pretty good) , Thank you!  How about you?

  A. I'm good also!(pretty good;  not bad....)

2. exercise Words searching: (print out sheet)

二. new lesson(3)

1. goal No.1 :  be able to count to 10 in chinese;

2. goal No. 2:  be able to use pronouns:  yours; my...

3. goal No. 3:  be able to say : friend

三. work book:

pg.10-pg 13  all the exercises!




finish Lesson 3




Aug. 27, 2013

Chinese 1 for week of 8/26/2013

from:Peng, Ling

to:Chinese I

Chinese Made easy 1 for Kids  (for class room 6)     Henry R. and  Riley G

Lesson 3:

1. learn new words  老师, 您早, 你好, 再见 ;

A.  make short diologues.  

B. be able to say the new words in Pin Yin and recognize the new Characters.

2 . class exercise  from page 10-15.  

3.   home work:( due on Thur.29/8)

      pg15--    #2,  #3

      pg16--    #5

      pg18--    #9  (as  a bonus work)

      pg19--   #10,  #11


Aug. 26, 2013

Chinese 2 for week of 08/26/2013-08/30/2013

from:Peng, Ling

to:Chinese II

CHinese made easy Book 1  (for class in Room 3)   Nathan R.  and  Marilyn B.

1. finish Lesson 1- Lesson 2

2. be able to say 17 words and 10 phrases in PinYin (without looking at book):

生字 new words :你   好   您   早   再   见   吗   不   错   还   可  以   我   很   谢   呢   也  

词语 phrase:   你好(早)  您好(早)  再见   不错  还不错  可以  还可以  谢谢 很好 

3.  be able to recognize 10 or more characters?

4.  bonus work: be able to write 5 or more Characters?

5.  PinYin practice: using Book "Chinese Pronunciation" :  Unit 1 (use print out sheets)

6.  Home work : (due on Thur. 29/8)

      Lesson 1:     all    (excerpt No.6?)

      Lesson 2:     all    ( excerpt No.3?)