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Aug. 30, 2017

Before School Help

from:Sayers, Ken

to:Computer Science Principles

We'll be installing some software and doing some programming.  These two things can sometimes go awry in unexpected ways.  Some of the best programmers I have worked with run into strange issues when programming or setting up new tools.

I will be at the school around 8am each Tuesday and Thursday to be available for anyone having issues with anything.  Just stop in and we'll work on it together.

Also, if you want need some help outside class at another time, don't hesitate to send an email to me at kensayers@shillingschool.org.  I can respond via email or we can skype.


Aug. 27, 2017

Using Confluence

from:Sayers, Ken

to:Computer Science Principles

To CSPers

Some of you guys have tried to use confluence and weren't sure how to make it work.  I put some instructions on the class project page


Basically, just go to the page, hit the pencil in the top right to edit.

To add a row to one of the tables, click in the table and use the tool at the top that looks like a row being added (one for above and one for below the current row).

Put your information in and then push publish at the bottom.


Ken Sayers