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Sept. 20, 2012

Islamic Studies: R3 due 9/23

to:Islamic Studies 7

As-salamu alaikum all -


R3 is due this coming Sunday, Sept 23rd.  As always, you can find the homework sheet on the website: www.learnislam.org -> Homework -> Grade 7.

peace out,

Teacher Amer

Sept. 09, 2012

R2 due 9/16/12

to:Islamic Studies 7

As-salamu alaikum Students -

This is just a reminder of what I assigned in class. Homework R2 will be due next Sunday, Sept 16th.  Please view the assignment on the school website at:


For those of you who did not complete/turn-in R1 (last week's homework), please turn it in by next Sunday.

It was nice to see everyone this morning; I hope you all have a great week at school, inshallah.

peace out,

Teacher Amer



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