Welcome Crosspointe Academy

Feb. 06, 2013


from:Hommen, Heather

to:Latin - Latina Christiana I

Hello Latin Parents,

We have been working hard trying to understand Latin Cases. I think we are almost there and wanted to share a few things with you to help with Home Days.

1. Case = Noun - refers to the words function in the sentence.

2. Noun = Case, Number (singular or plural), Gender,

3. Case (Nominative - Subject, Genitive - Possessive, Dative - Indirect object, Accusative - Direct Object, Object of Preposition, Ablative - Object of Preposition, Used to show means, manner, place, and other circumstances.

4. Person Endings = Verb - refers to who is doing the action in the sentence.


Jan. 26, 2013

Mondays Science and History

from:Hommen, Heather

to:Middle School History 7th/8th

Middle School Parents,

Monday is a half day. We typically do not do a lunch break on half days so we will do a snack break at 11 to tide them over until dismissal.

Also, because of the way our campus classes are scheduled we will do our history lesson after our morning science lesson.

Mrs. Hommen