Sept. 18, 2012

Summary of Math Goals for 4th Grade

from:Mattson, Heidi

to:Math, 4th Grade

Problem solving is at the heart of our math program this year. Students will strengthen their understanding of numeracy and logic, learn how to interpret and become fluent in the language of math concepts, and recognize different applications of the material. Please see the specific outline attached in the Homeroom blog section.

Sept. 18, 2012

Summary of English Goals for 4th Grade

from:Mattson, Heidi

to:English, 4th Grade

Writing is the focus of the English program this year. Students will write on a daily basis.  Grammar, spelling, and other language mechanics will be taught as tools to express oneself clearly through writing. Appreciating the value of reading is another primary goal. Students will share independent reading choices and work with specific pieces in the classroom. Literature pieces are chosen to study several different genres, character analysis, and plot development, as well as to understand more complex vocabulary and understand literary techniques used by authors. Students will work through literature-based projects and writing pieces to understand process, increase fluency, and engage in meaningful discussion with others. Please see the overview attached in the Homeroom blog section for more detail.

Sept. 18, 2012

Summary of History Goals for 4th Grade

from:Mattson, Heidi

to:History, 4th Grade

Our year focuses on the history of California with particular emphasis on how the people and land have changed over time. The goal is to introduce the topic of history as a discipline, along with various techniques for delving into more complicated texts, and learn how to use notes to effectively understand what has been learned. Our yearly reflection will be: Every human being makes history. How will our understanding of the past affect the choices we make in the future?  For more details, please see the attached overview in the Homeroom blog.

Sept. 12, 2012

Welcome to Thinkwave from Ms. Mattson

from:Mattson, Heidi

to:Homeroom, 4th Grade

Dear 4th Grade Parents,

I am pleased to introduce our online assignment system to you. Here you will find long-term projects, tests and quizzes, and weekly homework. The 4th graders will always have their assignments written in their planners and on the white board in the Rose Room as well. 

Our main focus this first month is on learning routines, understanding how to take responsibility for one's own work, and crafting common language to support each other in a learning community. Our first few weeks of homework assignments are designed to ease everyone into a homework schedule that works for all of us. I will provide more information about homework and our curriculum on Friday evening. I look forward to seeing you all there.

We're off to a great start!

Ms. Mattson