April 17, 2014

Sub Wed and Thurs

to:All Students

I am very disappointed with my first class. I had notes from Mrs. Walton and the sub along with other teachers. Apparently they were incredibly loud, and several students were sent to the office. I am not happy, considering they have never gotten a bad report.


My second class was fabulous! The sub loved them. Congrats Cara and Ingrid, you have earned a lifesaver! See me tomorrow! They were very good for the sub both days.


Please share this with your child. Thank you.

Grace Kilfoyle

April 13, 2014


to:All Students

AHHHH !!! Our first novel project is due tomorrow, April 14. The late date is April 16th for a 10 point deduction. Anything past April 16th will recieve half credit, until the next project is due.

Thank you.

Grace Kilfoyle

April 13, 2014


to:All Students

AHHHH !!! Our first novel project is due tomorrow, April 14. The late date is April 16th for a 10 point deduction. Anything past April 16th will recieve half credit, until the next project is due.

Thank you.

Grace Kilfoyle

April 11, 2014

Announcements for Week of April 11th

to:All Students

Hello, Hello, Hello Everyone! 

Happy Spring! Students next week have Friday and Monday off, along with reduced schedules. Mrs. Walton sent out a copy of the reduced scchedule. School will run from 9:00 am- 2:10 pm. Students are welcome to leave the campus at 2:15 pm. The school, however will be open until 7pm. If students cannot get a ride home at that time, there are available spots in the FVAS sports camp, or I am ALWAYS looking for volunteers in the drama department. Also, in the basement, board games and activities, such as WII, XBox,TV, and study rooms, will be open for student use. If your student has had more than 3 detentions or 1 suspenion, they may not stay for afterschool activities. Students that stay for these activities may be asked to leave, if a violation occurs. The afterschool activities must stay positive. Teachers will watch students.

On another note, during this reduced schedule week, we will be doing a OAA practice sheet eaach day, and reviewing this. These will be for grades. Students will have 3 nights of homework this week. Yay, no blizzard bags!!!! Thats just about all...novel #1 is due next week! How are those coming???

Have a great weekend! Happy Readings!

Miss Kilfoyle

P.S.- Mr. Tyler will be visiting next week! Also, Mrs. Greene will be in once next week (not sure what day, but will let you know), so BE GOOD!

April 09, 2014


to:All Students

Don't forget to schedule your child's 4th quarter confrence with me! I have several papers regarding the OAA's that parents need to see and sign, so if you can't attend confrences, PLEASE let me know.


-Grace Kilfoyle

April 05, 2014

Next week...

to:All Students

A few things...

  1. There is NO excuse for homework. It is always on my website, so excuses do not work on homework. If there is a problem, that is reasonable, please send me a handwritten note FROM THE PARENT explaining the situation.
  2. There is a challenge activity on my website. If you are interested, please complete this activity. It is up to you to go on the website and look for it. Therefore, I will not remind you about it. IF YOU WANT EXTRA CREDIT, YOU MUST WORK FOR IT!!!!!!!
  3. We will be having 3 weeks of Weekly Writing comimg up. 
  4. Grades will be updated later tonight.



Happy Reading!

Miss K

March 27, 2014

Substitute- March 27

to:All Students

Tomorrow, March 27, all of my classes will have a stubstitute, Mrs. Greene. I expect great behavior, as usual out of all of you. If there are any reports, you will recieve a detention when I get back. Mrs. Greene has also been given some detention forms and has been instructed to fill them out as needed.

I do open a show tomorrow, Anne of Green Gable. It's a free show, so feel free to come!  That is why I will not be there, I have many prepartions for the show.


Finally, feel free to contact me, Miss Parker, or Mrs. Greene if you have any questions. Miss Parker will be in the room tomorrow.


Miss Grace Kilfoyle


Miss Shelby Parker


Mrs. Cordelia Greene


Mrs. Catherine Bichler

(Substitute  Coordinator)





March 23, 2014

Week of March 24 Announcements

to:Language Arts 700

Happy Divergent Weeked Everyone!

I just saw the movie and it was AMAZING!! I higly reccomend it, since it was our summer reading. Tons of action and great scenes.

This years summer reading is in the process of being made, and it looks like incoming 8th graders will have the option of 3 books.

A very special thanks to everyone who came to the Sunday study session today. I'm writing this as I watch students helping eacch other on numerous topics and assignments.

***IMPORTANT: If you did not have the chance to pick up a novel for your students, PLEASE reply to this message and let me know, so that I can pick one out for them for tomorrow. We do start our 4th quarter novel project tomorrow. 

We will be working on our novels all week, doing many activities to get more familiar with the novel itself.


Happy Reading!

Miss Grace Kilfoyle and Miss Shelby Parker

700 Language Arts and Classroom Aid

March 19, 2014

Week of March 17 Announcements

to:Language Arts 700

Hello Everyone!!!

A few things to remember this week:


*Weekly writing is due FRIDAY. It will be a third quarter grade.

*Poetry quiz FRIDAY! (3RD QUARTER)

*OAA test prep 2 due Sunday (4th qtr)

*In the fourth quarter students are required to read 4 novels of their choice. This is to help them understand how all of what we have learned this year fits together.

*4th quarter focusses- OAA test prep and combining everything we have learned. We do still have 3 major lessons left after OAA testing to complete.

*IF YOU GO TO THE LIBRARY, PLEASE pick up a novel for your child to read.

*The first novel is to be brought in by Monday, March 24- start of 4th quarter.

Hope your weekend was full of festivities (and reading!). We are going to have a great week! Miss Parker is back to help us out in poetry this week. Yay!

Miss Kilfoyle