Sept. 20, 2012

Upcoming Quizzes and Tests

to:All Students

Each Friday will be a spelling test and a comprehension/language test.

Math Quiz Friday Sept 21 (chapter 1 lessons 5,6,7,8)

Math Test (Ch 1) will be Tuesday Sept 25

Science quiz on chapter 10 lessons 4 and 5 will be Wed Sept 26.


Sept. 19, 2012

Welcome Back to School 2012-2013

to:All Students

Welcome to sixth grade!  I am going to use this website as a communication tool to make general announcements and reminders.  Daily homework assignments will be posted in the classroom on the assignment board.  Quiz and test date reminders will also be written on the board in the classroom.  Students are responsible for writing that information down in their planners on a daily basis.


May 26, 2012

Promotion Ceremony Information

to:All Students

The Gomes Sixth Grade Promotion Ceremony will be in the multipurpose room at Gomes on Wednesday, June 13 from 11:00 a.m. to noon.  

This is an important and special event.  We ask the students to dress up for the ceremony. 

Dresses or a skirt/blouse combination are appropriate for the young ladies.  I have asked the young gentlemen to wear a collared shirt and a nice pair of pants (khaki style etc).  No jeans or t-shirts please.  Ties are encouraged, but not required.  

Girls could wear any pair of dressy some cute ballet flats or summer sandals.  High heels are okay as long as they are not TOO high.  The students will be walking up stairs and across the stage with hundreds of eyes watching.  We want the girls to feel comfortable walking in their shoes... with no stumbling or ankle twisting!   Boys shoes can be any style of comfortable dress up shoe.  Clean sneakers are okay if the student does not have dress up shoes.   

May 20, 2012

Grading will end Friday, June 8

to:All Students

If you have questions about your assignment points, or if you notice something is marked M for missing and you feel sure you turned it to me now.  If you need to request changes in any subject area, please let me know BEFORE FRIDAY, JUNE 8. 

If a change/correction/update is needed, it can be easily done before June 8.

After June 8, report cards will be completed with the grades that appear on thinkwave at that time.  No changes will be made after Friday, June 8.         

May 16, 2012

Thank You

to:All Students

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week.  I received many wonderful cards and gifts and flowers from students and families.  I especially enjoyed the personal notes that many of the children wrote.  Thank you all for the kindness and generosity you've shown.  I am so fortunate to live and work in this wonderful community.  There really is no place like Gomes!

April 26, 2012

Great America June 7

to:All Students

This is a reminder of the expectations/rules for students.  

1. Show respect

2. Make good decisions 

3. Solve problems

MOST students do a fabulous job of following these guidelines on a daily basis.  I am grateful all the time for my MANY super students. 

The Great America trip is an exciting social event to celebrate the end of elementary school.  It should be a positive and happy experience for all of us.

HOWEVER.......I need to be able to trust students to make good behavior choices when we are out there in public.  Students need to be showing me AT SCHOOL that they can *regularly* be decent citizens.  Students need to continue to demonstrate that they have earned this reward trip.

April 14, 2012

It's Not Over Yet

to:All Students

It is unrealistic to expect perfection from people (especially children) all the time.  Mistakes happen.  Things are forgotten.  Stuff gets lost.  Assignments don't always get turned in.  All of us mess up from time to time! 

Having said should also be noted that recently there has been quite a SIGNIFICANT INCREASE in missing assignments. 

Some students (who have been fine students since September) are suddenly "checking out" from their academic responsibilities.  I am seeing a decline in grade averages for several folks.    

We ARE getting close to the end of this school year. That fact is probably fun and exciting for many of you.   

But be alerted....sixth grade is not over yet.  Curriculum and lessons will be covered through the first weeks of June.  

So take a few deep breaths.  Don't quit now.  Pace yourself.  Keep working and moving.  Stay strong.  Stay focused.  The finish line is still about 7 or 8 weeks away. 

April 14, 2012

The Pushcart War

to:All Students

The assignments that go with the novel we are reading together (The Pushcart War) are split out into English/Language Arts grades (the vocabulary and comprehension response questions) and Writing grades (writing activities).   

April 01, 2012

Wednesday Folders

to:All Students

Just a reminder that each week all graded work is sent home with students in their "Wednesday Folders".  I do keep art and some project items to showcase at Open House.  Other than that, I do not keep any student papers.  Everything is sent home.  Parents, if you are interested in seeing a particular test or assignment and your child has not returned it, please let me know.  Sometimes (especially at this time of year) I get a week or ten days behind in grading and the work stacks up on my desk.  I can let you know if something has not yet been graded and sent home.          

Gomes teachers have noticed that some number of our students throw away or hide certain papers that (apparantly) they do not wish to show to their parents.  I often find these items in the classroom trash and recycling bin... or stuffed into the back of desks.  Rudy, our school janitor, has reported that every Thursday morning he finds MANY Wednesday Folders papers in the trash cans in the student bathrooms. 

Feb. 02, 2012

End of Trimester 2

to:All Students

This second trimester ends in the first days of March with report cards going home mid March.  Report card conferences are not scheduled for this time.  However, please send me an email if you have concerns or questions regarding grades.  If necessary, we can plan a mutually convenient time to meet and discuss the student's progress.

Jan. 22, 2012


to:All Students

Hey kids....don't let this happen to you!

STUDENT:  You made a mistake on thinkwave.  My writing grade is really bad but I got an A on the blahblahblah assignment!

TEACHER:  You did a GREAT job on the blahblahblah writing assignment.  Unfortunately ... you have not turned in four other writing assignments.  Those four are now earning you zero points each.

STUDENT: What?!   I didn't know those assignments counted!

TEACHER:   Everything counts.  I told you that in September.

STUDENT:  (sad face)  Can I do extra credit?  My mom is really mad about my writing grade.

TEACHER:  I am sorry your mom is mad at you.  You just need to do all of the "required" assignments and I'm sure your average will increase.

STUDENT: Oh.  Okay.

The keys to improved writing:

1. Read a wide variety of things (fiction, nonfiction, magazines, newspapers, etc).

2.  Practice writing.

3.  Turn in your assignments on time.

Please notice "ignore/avoid/forget writing assignments" is not a key to success. 

Jan. 16, 2012

Story Project

to:All Students

It is taking me a long time to read through and score all of the stories.  I apologize for the delay in posting those grades.    I am about half way through the stack of stories (as of Jan. 16) and plan to  work my way through the remaining stories this next week and weekend. 

Jan. 13, 2012

Second trimester weighting updated

to:All Students

The weighting of assignments (for example in math homework is worth 25%, quizzes are worth 25%, and tests are worth 50% of total grade) did not automatically transfer over for trimester two.  Thank you to those observant students who brought this to my attention recently.  I have corrected the weightings for each subject so everyone should be in good (better) shape now!