June 12, 2016

Last week of school!

from:Selyuzhitskiy, Lilia

to:All Students

Dear parents and students who are in middle and high school English,

There is one more week of school left, PLEASE hand in any missing work and re-do any tests or quizzes. We are alomost at the finish line. We dont want anyone to repeat English next year. Thank you!

Jan. 01, 2016

Happy New Year!!!!

from:deSouza, Karie

to:Homeroom 5 & 6

Praise Our Wonderful Name of Jesus!! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! 

I'd like to Thank ALL of YOU from the bottom of my heart, for all your lovely and thoughful CHRISTmas gifts.  I am using everything and enjoying all the treats as well. As CHRISTmas has passed and the New Year is layed out before us..... I can only Hope and Pray the healings, Blessings and Love continues to bind us together as: ONE!!

Approximately a month ago, our class had started praying every single morning in Chapel, on our knees.... seeking the Lord for all of the needs of your families. We have had deliverances from sickness, miracles of epic perportions, family members coming back to live for the Lord, financial blessings, safety from a fire, ..... I could go on and on in great detail, but you all have seen this too!!!

The Lord knows All and is All. I honestly felt directed from the Lord, that our little ones had sooooo many needs and concerns, that the only way to conquer it all..... was NOT by praying for it "quickly" before school and moving on!! The Bible says "Some things can only happen by Prayer and Fasting"...  I can Honestly tell you that since God directed us to give HIM, what HE is due.... Our "sacrifice" on our knees and binding together as a Christian Classroom..... HE has moved in mighty mighty ways!! We are only able to give Our Lord 10 minutes of our time, every morning.... but HE has given us..... Miracles, Healings, Salvation, Knowledge, Love and on and on. I have always preached and taught that Faith without works is Dead.... I believe that, with my whole heart and soul.  We can never outgive Our Lord.

I want to Thank you all for your Prayers, Love and continous support. It's the little things that mean so much and so many of you just Bless me and Surprise me at different times, but it's always at that time, when I need it the most.

Here's a little recap of our 2015 year..... The students are now required to do a monthly writting assignment to achieve better penmanship and knowledge of proper grammer and spelling.  I have implemented some very interesting ways to achieve this, and still keep the childrens attention. In October they all chose a state of their choice and learned an immense amount of information about that state. As their classmates  presented theirs, your childrens jaws were open at times, by learning some amazing and interesting facts about the United States. The next writting assignment was  in November, reading an awesome true story and doing a book report about it. Many of the kids wanted to buy their own copy, for it was truly an amazing story of survival. The December assignment was simply to "write" a letter to loved ones and wish some Holiday Greetings along the way. Extra credit would be given if letters were returned. The last letter was mailed out by me, for one of our childrens family in Kazakhtan, on December 11th. I can tell you the kids were "over the moon" when they received letters back.

I am continously praying and seeking God's Will and direction, in our assignments and I feel... God has directed and Blessed us sooooo much with all that we have accomplished in 2015. I can honetly say...... none of this would be accomplished in great achievments, without "YOUR HELP, PRAYERS AND DISCIPLINE" at home!!!

As we start school on January 4, 2016, the childrens new writting assignment will be a Godly message, that they would like to share with others. I would like to start the New Year out with "GOD", being in the drivers seat and we are just passengers. As I expect to see the drafts on Monday morning, I am praying more for Gods divine intervention, into your childs soul. For HIM to give your children an annoiting and message, that they will feel comfortable to share. It can be a miniture Bible lesson, of what God lays on their hearts.  We as Christians must  "always" be ready to speak HIS Word and this is a way to encourage thier confidence to grow in the Lord. As they live thier lives, we could only Pray that they will always be ready to speak of God's Greatness!! I hope this will help them grow in thier Christian walks as well and encourage better writting skills. 

I apologize... I know this is a lengthy letter, but I just wanted to speak from my Heart to each and everyone of you..... and let you know...... How "Thankful" and "Blessed" I am to spend everyday in the company of your amazing children.  May God, His Mighty Rightous Comforter and Deliverer.... continue to move in a Marvelous way, each and everyday of 2016 for all the children, teachers and families of Christian Heritage School.

In Jesus Name,

    Sister Karie deSouza



Oct. 07, 2015

Science Test #2

from:Selyuzhitskiy, Lilia

to:Science 7

Science Test #2 is on October 9th, 2015. Please study for test.

Nov. 07, 2014


from:Selyuzhitskiy, Lilia

to:All Students

There is NO SCHOOL on Tuesday, November 11th.