Sept. 25, 2012

Thinkwave and School Master

to:All Students

The school has begun to use an new computer-based grading recording system called School Master.  You may have wondered why the report cards looked different this year, and that is why.  We wil be transitioning from Thinkwave to School Master this term.  I will continue to use Thinkwave until the entire school is ready to allow parents access to School Master.  When that time occurs, I will invite all parents in the evening to come to the classroom so I may show you how to use this new program. If we are allowed, I will hold this in the computer lab so we may each walk through the system together. 

I would like to reiterate that I will continue to use Thinwave until we are ready as a school to switch.

Sept. 10, 2012

This is the last week of the first term.

to:All Students

Well, we are at the end of the first term.  It has flown by, and I have really enjoyed getting to know this class.  What an amazingly sweet group of kids. This is probably the kindest bunch of kids I have had in all my years of teaching here at YSA! Keep up whatever it is that you are doing parents, they have wonderful hearts.

Now down to business, this Thursday is the last day to submit corrections, late work, or homework passes.  I will be taking grades on Friday for in-class work too, but I need any other work the day before so I may get it entered before Friday at 4 p.m.  Then, whatever grade you see on this grading program,, Friday at 4 p.m. will be your child's report card grade for the first term.



Sept. 04, 2012

Two weeks left in this term!

to:All Students

We are two weeks away from the ending of this grading term.  The grade book will be closed Friday, September 14th at 4:00 p.m..  All corrected work, missing work, and homework passes must be turned in by 4:00 p.m., September 13th.   On Friday, September 14th, whatever your grades are on WILL BE THE GRADE ON YOUR REPORT CARD. 

I will take the weekend to fill in the report cards.  Mrs. Smith will look at each and every report card. Then the first report card will be sent home Friday, September 21st for all parents to see.  I will require that you sign the envelope that the report card is in and return it to school by September 24th.  If the envelope is not returned with a parent signature, then you will not have recess until it comes back to school with a parent signature.

Please call or come in if you have any concerns about your grades.  Do not hesitate!

Aug. 28, 2012

Parents we are almost at report card time.

to:All Students

Continue to check your child's grades once a week as we are half-way through the first  grading term.  There are only three weeks left until your child's first report card.

For those of you that have Ipods, you can download a free application that allows you to click on the app and it takes you directly to your child's thinkwave account.  How cool is that?  Since I am not an Ipod person, I cannot take credit for this.  One of your children showed me this today.  This is a new generation that we are raising folks!

Aug. 23, 2012

Open House tonight!

to:All Students

All parents are welcome to come to the classroom from 6:30 to 7:00 tonight.  After 7:00, we will have a carnival in the gym.

Hope to see everyone tonight!

Aug. 16, 2012

YSA Band! Yes, that is right, BAND!!!!

to:All Students

Would you join a Young Scholar’s Band?

Young Scholar’s Academy is starting a band!

How would this work?

Fifth-through eighth-grade students that are interesting in participating in band would meet once a week after school for instruction with Mr. Roberts.  Students would then practice until the next meeting time.  The meeting time would be on a day that is not conflicting with the Cheer team and Drama Club. Students would be responsible for a fee of $30 per month to pay for the teacher’s salary and any needed music supplies.  Please see Mrs. Elias to use the Arizona tax credit to pay for band. Students would provide their own instruments

When does this start?

The first meeting is August 23rd from 4-5.  If you need to stay at school until 4 to make the meeting you may go to Mrs. Galicia’s classroom (free of charge) until band starts, or sign into the afterschool program ( the standard afterschool fee’s apply).   Band will meet from 4-5 every Thursday in the ART room.  You may stay in Mrs. Galicia’s room from dismissal until band starts, or sign in to the afterschool program.

Who is Mr. Roberts?

I've been teaching Jr. High band at Bullhead City Jr. High for the past 7 years now. I have started students on all of the different types of band instruments; woodwind, brass, and percussion. For the 7 years prior to that, I was a tuba player in the Navy Band. I have a degree in music ed. from the College of New Jersey. For the past couple of years, I have shared conducting duties for the Colorado River Community Band with some other music teachers in my school district.


Can’t wait to see you in the first ever Young Scholar’s Band!

Aug. 15, 2012

We have started to get into the nitty, gritty!

to:All Students

We are doing all the sixth-grade subjects this week, so it is time to really pay attention to the grades.  If you have a paper that is below 69 % you may correct it for full credit.  Please keep in mind that this is a one time option, you will NOT have an unlimited time to correct papers.  My advice to you is:

1) When you have a correction paper, take it seriously!

2) Open up the book and look over the lesson.

3) Look at your notes that we took in class.

4) If you are still confused, ask for help!  Ask a friend, parent, teacher, or aide to help you fix your errors.

You will only have one week to fix a low grade paper, so make sure you watch this account and see when the data is entered. 

Aug. 08, 2012

Welcome Class!

It is the beginning of a new year and there is so much to accomplish.  Let's begin with what supplies will help you in your academic studies this year.

  USB jump/flash drive
  Erasable colored pencils
  4 or more loose-leaf paper (college or wide-ruled) packages to last the year
  Pencils  (mechanical are suggested)
  A 2” binder with at least 5 dividers
  A composition book or spiral notebook used only for daily journaling
  Kleenex (3+ large boxes)
Clorox wipes
Reusable water bottle


If you already have these items at home, please do not buy new ones.  A flash drive can be used over and over and over.  Also, if any of these items present a hardship for you financially, please let me know as I typically have extra I may share.

June 04, 2012

Water Day

to:All Students

We will be going to the Lake Havasu Aquatic Center on June 6th for our Water Day. We will leave at 9:00  a.m. and return around 5:00 - 6:00 p.m..  Students will need to wear close-toed shoes on the bus ride to and from Havasu.  The girls will need to wear a one-piece bathing suit or a shirt over their two-piece bathing suit.  Students will not be allowed on the bus in a wet swim suit, a complete change of clothes is required.

May 25, 2012

Parent Presentation of the Country Reports

to:All Students

The location of the presentation for today has changed. We will be in Mrs. Galicia and Mr. Gussey's classrooms NOT the gym.  Please enter through the office as the gym is busy with a sporting event. We will start the presentations at 2:30 p.m., see you there!

April 04, 2012

Social Studies Country Report

The Social Studies country report syllabus has been discussed in class for the past two days.  Hopefully your child has shown you the syllabus already.  If not, please ask them to show you the green social studies folder and syllabus.  There is a parent page that must be signed and brought to school by tomorrow.  Please contact me with any questions of concerns.


The link above is the entire syllabus, if your child has left the syllabus at school.

March 15, 2012

Honoring Education

to:All Students


Dear Y.S.A. Parents,

We would like to let you know that there is still time to vote for our Young Scholar’s Academy staff to attend the Honoring Education dinner.  The Honoring Education dinner is the Tri-State’s premier education event. This year, the Honoring Education dinner will be held at the Avi Casino on May 8th. 

Any individual who is involved in your child’s education, be it, teacher, office staff, custodians, or aides, may be nominated. Please go to our website and click on the second banner, Teacher Nominations.  That will lead you to the nomination page that will give you selection criteria.  You will then tell the nomination committee why you think this teacher, office staff, custodian, aide or even parent volunteer, should be honored.

I know our school has the best parent’s in the Tri-State area!  You are involved in your child’s education on a daily basis.  You know our school and we would like you to let the surrounding area know how great we are!  Please take a minute of your time to visit the website and nominate those you feel worthy from Young Scholar’s today!
                                                                                                        Thank you,
                                                                                                        Young Scholar’s Staff

• If you or your business would like to help sponsor this event, please stop by our office to pick-up the proper forms.

March 05, 2012

New Term

to:All Students

Attention Students,

                We have only two terms left until the end of the year! We will be starting our BIG Social Studies country report in 4 weeks, so begin talking to your family about getting to the library or talk to them about purchasing a book. We will be selecting our countries that you will be researching in three weeks.  Get thinking now!

                March break is the 19th to the 23rd.  Only two weeks to go!

                Aims Testing week is April 16th to the 20th.  We will begin to double up on math concepts daily to get you ready for this big test.  Also, we will send a letter home about our pep rally, daily breakfasts, and what you may do a home to prepare for testing week.


Feb. 22, 2012

Science Fair

to:All Students

Thursday at 5:00 p.m students must be at the school in full uniform to present their projects. This event is worth 200 points of your grade.  Awards will be given at 5:30 p.m.

Jan. 03, 2012

Welcome to 2012

to:All Students

Welcome back to school!  We are on the tail end of the third term.  The grade book will close Friday, January 6th, 2012.  Please make sure to have all of your absent work, corrections, or late work in by Thursday, January 5th, so it may be graded and entered into the grade book.

We will be having a long weekend next week.  Friday the 13th and Monday the 16th, there will no school to honor Martin Luther King Junior's birthday.

Please do not forget to keep on schedule with Mr. Gussey's science fair schedule.  You have many due dates quickly approaching.


Dec. 15, 2011

YSA Hoops

to:All Students

In case you didn't know, Mr. Vissers has set up a webpage with all the basketball information.  It even has a great picture of a winning game.  Click on this link to access it.

Dec. 09, 2011


to:All Students

Tonight is the Domino's pizza fundraiser for PTA.  The class with the most orders will win a free pizza party, which I know the sixth grade would love!  Your child was given a dark green piece of paper that you need to turn in to the delivery driver or bring to the store with my name written on it.   Please help suport our class tonight.  THANK YOU!

Dec. 05, 2011

Important notices

to:All Students

December 5th- Candy Sales monies due for those that sold candy bars over the break. $52.00 per box.

December 16th- Quartely payment of $75.00 is due for all students attending the Camp Surf 2012 trip.  If you have sold candy bars, you may deduct $26.00 per box sold.  Please do not forget to take advantage of the AZ tax credit, paperwork is in the office.

December 21st- Sixth grade holiday potluck.

Nov. 30, 2011

Fraction Sense

to:All Students

The children are studying fractions sense in our math books.  This chapter focuses on setting the foundation for addind, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions..   A site that can help you assist your child as they have questions about fractions is:        OR


Nov. 30, 2011

Ancient Greece

to:All Students

The children are learning about ancient Greece and Rome. They are exploring the life of a Roman citizen.

Nov. 30, 2011


to:All Students

If your child is reading on grade level, then they are reading the story, Pyramids, in their Celebrations reading book.  They have would benefit from reading the story to you in the evening.

If your child is above level, the they are reading, Cowboys, in their Celebrations reading book.  Please discuss with your child what they learned about being a blacksmith and how the black smith was inspired.

if your child has completed the Celebrations reading book, then they are reading the novel, M.C. Higgins, the Great.  In this story, the students glimpse into the life of an Appalacian mountain family.  The culture is very different that our own and the children have had many questions.

Nov. 30, 2011

Unit 16

to:All Students

We are studying lesson 16 this week.

Nov. 30, 2011

Persuasive Essay

to:All Students

The children are working on constructing a persuasive Essay.  They have selected a topic, used graphic maps to outline their ideas, and are now writing their first draft.  Be prepared parents, they have some great arguements for wh they should have their Christmas presentswink.

Sept. 29, 2011

Sixth grade novels

to:All Students

Every child is reading a novel with a small group of classmates.  Once they complete their novel, they work on a book report.  After their book report is complete, they will receive a new novel and sometimes, new group members.  All the reading for the novels are done in small group in class, and they do not need to read independently at home. 

The novels that are being read right now in the class are:Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt,, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, , Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor and M.C. Higgins the Great by Virginia Hamilton, and Eighth Grade Bites by

Sept. 28, 2011


to:All Students

We are studying verbs right now.  Students are focusing on helping verbs along with irregular verbs.  They have a bright pink page filled with irregular verbs that they are to use to complete their work.