Nov. 03, 2016


from:Alderman, Kurt


Testing the system.

Oct. 27, 2016

Homework for 10/27/16

from:Alderman, Kurt


Determine the subject for your triptych project.  Draw or write a detailed description of what you envision for your project, any special equipment needed to complete your project.

Topic: Love
Photo 1: A little girl holding and admiring a flower in both hands.
Elements: Shallow DOF, high key image shot from slightly above the subject, tight shot.

Photo 2: A widow sitting at the grave of her deceased military husband.
Elements: Long lens, natural light, shot at eye level of subject (low to the ground).

Photo 3: A puppy resting on a chair
Elements: Possible natural light image near window, or single light shot at F8 or F11, fast shutter speed to darken the mood

Equipment/Materials: 24-70mm lens, 70-200mm lens, strobe, umbrella.

Sept. 22, 2016

Week 2 Homework

from:Alderman, Kurt


Week 2 homework is to read chapter 2 from the text book.  Also, please, please, please follow up on the syllabus making sure to sign and turn them in as well as memory cards, textbook purchase, etc.

Sept. 16, 2016

A Great First Day

from:Alderman, Kurt


I can only say that I'm fired up about being in class again!  I have lots of great projects for class this year and I'm really excited about that.  I forgot to mention in class yesterday that we have another special project that we will be tackling this year which revolves around a new relationship we have with Eagle Magazine.  The details are still somewhat sketchy because there are some meetings coming up that will better define what we will be doing.  However I can, in broad terms, tell you that our class will be working in conjunction to cover various events in the city of Eagle, and we will be published.  What that essentially means to students is that there is an opportunity to get photo credits in the magazine which you will forever be able to list on your resumes!  There will be more details to follow.

This is also a quick reminder that homework is due next Thursday.  Students need to:
Have a parent/guardian read and sign the syllabus
Purchase and download the textbooks and memory cards
Read chapter 1 of The Textbook of Digital Photography, Third Edition and be prepared to discuss and ask questions in class next week.  

Thanks to everyone who signed up for photography class!  I'm truly looking forward to a great year!


Jan. 18, 2015

Quiz on Tuesday and a reminder that your projects are due.

from:Dixon, Thomas

to:All Students

Hello students,

1. Please correct a typo in your Chapter 5-Part 1 handout. The second "oceans" in "Do converted landscapes and oceans exert identical stressors on habitat patches and oceans, respectively?" should be changed to "islands."

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. 

2. It's important that everyone completes all assigned reading prior to class in order for discussions to be productive. To encourage completion, starting Tuesday,1/20, we will begin every class with a short quiz covering material from the reading assignments.

In general, quizzes will assess your ability to identify the main idea of each section assigned. If you read something and feel like you don't have a solid understanding of the "big picture," please email or ask questions at the beginning of class, so I can try to clarify things for you.

Before Tuesday, please read:
Box 5.1 (pg. 92)
5.3.1 (pg. 93-94)
5.3.2 (pg. 94-95)

Thanks- see you all Tuesday,


Jan. 12, 2015

Preparation for Wednesday

from:Dixon, Thomas

to:Conservation Sciences

Dear Conservation Biology students, 

Thanks for a great first day. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, so I hope I wasn't too incoherent, and I really appreciate all of your participation. I was very impressed with your insights and look forward to meeting with you again. 

Just a quick rundown of Wednesday's agenda:

  1. Class will begin with a short quiz on today's material. To prepare, study the handout (attached for absentees), and review the slides (also attached). Please note that you will not be asked to define endemism, because the definition I provided was muddled and as it turned out, not altogether accurate. It is a valuable concept to be aware of, though, so here's the definition. My thanks to Alex for helping find and fill a knowledge gap. 
  2. Review of some possible solutions (or at least mitigating strategies) to the problem of habitat destruction by agricultural development. This will conclude material from Chapter 4. 
  3. First of 3, 30 minute installments of the documentary, Blackfish. This will begin a series of topics on conservation ethics. We will take a moment afterwards to reflect on what we've seen and record our thoughts in written form. 
  4. Begin Chapter 5. Please read 5.1.1 and 5.2.2 in preparation.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 

See you Wednesday,


Oct. 07, 2014

"Exploring Art" Homework due this Thursday

from:Nilo, Jessie

to:Visual Art

Hello, Exploring Art students!

Parents, please read.

In October we are studying Photography and learning the 6 Elements of Design!

Remember to bring your *FULLY CHARGED* digital camera to class this Thursday so we can shoot our "6 Elements" photos during class Thursday afternoon.

Also bring your flash drive to class, loaded with your photography homework. This flash drive can be the same one you use for other classes, too. You need to create 6 folders on it under "Photography" called: Line, value, color, shape, space, texture. Then choose 2 of them to start shooting, if you haven't already. This Thursday you'll need to have 2 *completed* folders on your flash drive, any 2, with each folder containing 25+ photos that represent that element to you. 2 of 6 completed folders are due 10/9/14. For all due dates, see attachment.

Parents: Please show your student how to transfer their photos from their camera to their flash drive, before Thursday! Also parents: Make sure to back up your student's photos on your computer, because kids who lose their flash drives are sad. (They are sad because I make them start over on the project!) 

Students: I will look at your flash drive during class 10/9 and will help you create your 6 folders on your flash drive if you don't know how, but you must sort your photos into the folders on your own time. (That is homework stuff, not classwork.)

Thanks! Looking forward to Thursday!
Mrs. Nilo