April 25, 2014

Quiz 2/ Exam 2

to:Gen Psych 120 Sp14

Dear Class:


The link to exam quiz 2 and exam 2 is here:


The exam will be due Monday May 5, 2014 at 1pm.


This will give me time to get results to you by our next class on May 8.


There will be no class on May 1, 2014. I hope you will use this time to work on the exam and to work on your homework assignment. I will use the time to catch up on grading!!


The homework assignment is as follows:



Go to and take Kersey Temp Sorter II personality inventory or go to and take the test.
Review the descriptions of your personality (what does your type mean)?
Critique findings (the "results"), and answer the following questions:
A. Does it fit in with what you know about yourself?
B. Would your family/friends agree?
C. Does your personality differ according to situations? Give an example.
Please be thorough... you should write about two paragraphs.

Be prepared to discuss the homework in class!


There is also an extra credit assignment listed on one of the last slides in the last lecture (check the dropbox at I will discuss this a bit more in our next course.

Good luck!

Professor Harris

Dec. 30, 2013

Please read: Exam Closes Tonight. Make sure your name is on the list.

to:All Students

Dear Students,

Remember that today is the LAST day to take the exam.  I will disable the exam by tonight (3 days is quite generous for an on-line open book final exam). UNFORTUNATELY, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT ANY EXCUSES.

In reviewing the responses, I noticed that some of you did not, or forgot to respond to the short answer response. If you did not respond to the short answer question, please log back on to the test. Re-enter your name and email address ONLY and then skip to the last page of the exam to write in a response for the short answer question.

If you respond to any of the questions a second time, I will accept your first answer only. 

The following is the list of names of people whom I have exam results for. If your name is not on this list, you have about 12 hours left  to complete the exam.

1.       Thelma Naranjo

2.       Ryan james Sabiniano

3.       Tina Hoang

4.       Marcela Cortez

5.       Desire Pochard

6.       Alex Parks

7.       Natalie  Covarrubias

8.       Nicholas DeCaires

9.       Wendy Maxson

10.   Christopher Hudnell

11.   Kaitlyn Lewis

12.   Emaly Torres

13.   Camilla Martin Del Campo

14.   jordin rogers

15.   Alicia Deters

16.   Alessandra Villella

17.   Kamerin Harnois

18.   Haley Kara

19.   Anna Loch

20.   Liliana Rivera

21.   Alejandro Gomez

22.   ashley fontes

23.   lily beltran

24.   Kayla Newtn

25.   briana urrutia

26.   Celiane Piedra

27.   Alexis Jimenez

28.   Breanna McClanahan

29.   Tara  Russell

30.   Christian Ali Robledo

31.   Justin Smith

32.   Shai Crump

33.   Javonte Wills


Dec. 16, 2013

General Psychology Exam 3

to:All Students


General Psychology Exam 3 is now live. You may begin to take the exam now. I will keep the exam open until Thursday evening.

Please use either of the following links to access the exam:

IMPORTANT: I will accept no responses after Thursday, December 19, 2013.

Please make sure your computer connections are secure. It is too your advantage to atttempt to take the exam by Wednesday, December 18, to ensure that there are no issues with computers, etc.

Please turn in all extra credit by tomorrow, December 17, 2013. You may turn in all extra credit assignments by e-mail if you wish.

It is not necessary for you to come to class tomorrow, unless:

1) You would like to receive returned homework or quiz assignments.

2) You would like to turn in hard copy your extra credit assignments.

3) You have other questions for me.

I will be in class by 6:30.

Good luck!


Dr. Harris

Dec. 13, 2013

General Psychology 120 Class Updates: Exam 3, Homework, Extra Credit, etc.

to:All Students

Dear Students:

Please read this email fully and pay close attention to these updates:

Final Exam

Like Exam 2, Exam 3 will be posted on line. I'll try to post it by December 17 a.m. The exam will close the very next day on December 18, 2013 by midnight.

I will accept NO excuses for missing the exam. You should check your computer connections prior to December 17 and if you plan to find access to a proper functioning computer with internet connection before then.

The final exam will cover the text chapters 13 -16 and the last 3 lectures on Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology & Mental Health (both Psychological Disorders and Psychotherapy).

Extra Credit

All extra credit assignments are due on December 17, 2013, no exceptions. You may submit your extra credit assignments to me by email.

Extra credit assignments can be found in the dropbox, including the Kauai Study and the Kauai Study Questions.

The Implicit Association Test assignment can be found at the end of lecture 11, which is posted in the dropbox. Both extra credit assignments are described in

Please put EFFORT into your extra credit assignments. Obtaining full credit is very easy to do, however if it appears your work is rushed or if you did a sloppy job, I will deduct points.


No late homework assignments will be accepted. I will review only those homework assignments that have already been submitted to me by email as of December 10, 2013.

Class on December 17, 2013. There will be no class lecture on December 17. Please come to class if you wish to turn in your extra credit assignments in person or receive returned homework or extra credit assignments.

I have not finished grading the last homework assignment on the personality inventories. I also have not updated the attendance. My goal is to get through that this weekend.


If you have questions or concerns, please do not wait until the last minute, because grades are due to the registrar’s office very quickly after the last day of class.

I wish you the best of luck on all your classes, exams, and wrapping up this semester!!



Nov. 28, 2013


to:All Students

Dear Class,
Remember, you have until tonight to submit your exam. Late exams will not be accepted.
I have tests submitted from the following people only (last names).

Martin del Campo

If you think you took the test, but your name is not listed, you must submit it again. I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!


Nov. 25, 2013

Exam 2 is available on-line

to:All Students

Dear Class,

Exam 2 is now available online. You can access it by following one of the links:

(If clicking either link does not work, copy  the full link and paste it into your browser's url window.)

I forgot to mention that Quiz 2 answers are available in the dropbox here:

I will see you tomorrow!

Dr. Harris

Nov. 24, 2013

General Psychology updates

to:GenPsych 120 F2013

Hello all,

Quiz 2 scores have been updated on, finally!

If you were in class last week, you learned that the next exam will be a online take-home exam. I will do my best to post the exam by tomorrow (Monday, 11/25) evening and it will be due by Wednesday, 11/27-- No exceptions!! When the quiz is ready, I will post the link.

The homework that you will turn in on December 3 will be the last homework of the year, so please turn it in. Now that I know how many homework assignments you have, I know the exact points that each homework assignment will be worth (7.5 points, except for the emotion homework assignment which was a two part assignment and will be worth 10 points). I will adjust all your previous scores so don't worry about those yet.

I have caught up with scoring your emotion assignment but still have to score your book chapter quiz homework assignments.

After last class I forgot to point out the second extra credit assignment on the second to the last slide. The extra credit assignment will be due on December 10, 2013.

See you on Tuesday-- we will be discussing Social Psychology. It will be a very interesting lecture!

Dr. Harris

Nov. 11, 2013

Extra Credit

to:All Students

The extra credit assignment has also been posted to the dropbox. There are two parts: the questions you must answer and the article you must read (Kauai Study). The extra credit assignment will be due on December 10 if you want feedback or December 17 on the last day of class. I will also be informing you of an additional extra credit assignment (or two) in the near future.

Dr. Harris

Nov. 11, 2013

General Psychology reminders

to:All Students

Hi all,

Just a reminder that the second quiz is due tomorrow in the beginning of class. I will review the responses tomorrow, and once I do review them, I will not accept any late quizzes.

Please be sure to have read chapter 5.

If you were not in class last week, you can find the quiz located in the dropbox here:

Dr. Harris