Welcome Booker T. Washington

Sept. 06, 2012

You guys are doing great!

to:All Students

You guys are doing a GREAT job!  It won't be long now.  I will be returning on Thursday Sept. 13.  I've very excited to see you guys!  You will need to have everything turned in BEFORE I get back on Thursday.  After---I will not take any work late work!  

Keep at it....only a few more days....

Aug. 30, 2012

Attention all Leaders...Mrs. Ramsey is Seeking members for the DECA leadership Board!

to:All Students

Do you have what it takes to Lead? Can you help this year's Booker T. Washington DECA chapter Elevate our impact?  Then Mrs. Ramsey is looking for you!  We currently have 3 members of the 8 person leadership board.  We are looking for 5 more proven leaders to take this chapter to the next level.  

You must be a leader and you must be a DECA member.  (dues cannot be paid until I return)

If you are interested, please post your interest on this blog and email me at ramseru@tulsaschools.org on why you want to be a part of the leadership board this year, your expertise and what you can do to help us! (BEWARE: I expect work, this is not just a resume filler!)