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Yes, You can learn how to write professional legal pleadings! Legal Writing 601 online

TimeMarch 22, 2013

to:All Students

LEARN HOW TO WRITE LEGAL PLEADINGS, four online lessons  $29.99
Learn legal writing and how to write pleadings for court cases, administrative petitions and appeals, worker’s comp cases, etc.  Great for paralegals, administrators, managers, and pre-law students!  Only $29.99 four lessons, AND includes e-download of LEGAL WISE with “How To Be Your Own Lawyer” and lots of examples of legal pleadings and forms! Must have computer with email for submitting and receiving lessons, and writing samples and instruction. Lessons based on actual pleadings and cases; you will not learn how to write real legal pleadings like this in any school ! Click on http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=36233  for more info and instant download of LEGAL WISE to get you started and possibly change the way you protect yourself, your job, your family, for the rest of your life!