Welcome to English III


to:All Students

Time May 28, 2012

Eleventh grade is a time of academic reflection, emotional and social growth, and a time to begin planning for the future. Much more than in the past, students will direct their own learning. They will apply the skills learned in grades 9 and 10 to more challenging texts and writing assignments. Literary analysis is at the forefront of the instructional program.

The theme of the course is “Deconstruction of Literature.” Using a piece by Alice Seabold, The Lovely Bones; students will create 4 major writing projects that will for part of their writing portfolio.  A reflective paper, a white paper, a position paper and a book report all using this piece as its main reference. These four projects are required in order to be recommended for promotion to the 12 grade. Students also continue learning the elements of style and rhetoric as they become more critical readers, thinkers, and writers. Reading, writing, vocabulary, and literary analysis are designed to prepare students for independent learning and high-stakes assessments such as the SAT and PSSA.

Assigned Text

The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold
ISBN-10: 0316044938
ISBN-13: 978-0316044936


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