Tips to Navigating Thinkwave

to:All Students

Time Jan. 18, 2012

For those of you that have signed on and are reading this message, thank you for taking such an active role in your student's success. I wanted to leave a few tips on how to navigate this site to make it easier:

1.)  Across the top you will see “Dashboard”, “Online”, “Assignments”, “Attendance”, and “Grades”. 

2.)  “Online” simply shows any notes that I leave up on the board.  These notes are for everyone to see and therefore don’t look for any messages about your particular student on there. 

3.)  Click “Assignments” to see a breakdown of all the assignments that our class has done throughout each quarter.  Make sure when you click assignments, that you go to the box in the upper left and click the proper quarter.  Right now we are in the Second Quarter.

4.)  The Assignments will sometimes have a description, and sometimes have comments.  Make sure to take a look if they do.  (Note:  On essay grades, the comments will usually say something like “2C to 3B”.  This shows the students progress.  We grade our essays on a scale of 1-5.  If a student gets a 1C, that means it was a low 1, and if a student gets a 3A, that means it was a high 3.)

5.)  “Attendance” is the box after “Assignments”.  If you click this box and see there is no attendance to display, that means your student has perfect attendance.  I started this system on approximately January 8th, so that means from that date to today your student has had perfect attendance.  Any days your student missed will be marked. 

6.)  “Grades” shows your student’s current grade in the classroom.

Again, any questions on any of this please feel free to email me at  Like I said, this is new to me too, hopefully this leads to further student achievement.

Andrew Sheehan

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