from:Martin, Natalie

to:Science 1

Time Jan. 22, 2015

Hello parents, I wanted to let you know that the science fair is scheduled for February 20th this year. All students in grades 1-12 must participate in the science fair. Your child should make a project in a science area that interests him/her. 

Students must have a separate notebook dedicated to the science fair. All of the thoughts your child has on the science fair, topics he/she is thinking of, notes, etc must be written in the science fair notebook-with dates-so it is like a journal of progress.

Here is a schedule of when I would like to collect the notebook periodically and check for work done (I know 1st grade science does not meet on Fridays, but I see them for other classes that day, so they can still give the notebook to me on Friday deadlines): 

Monday 1/26: Hand in the notebook with one or two sentences written in it about what area of science you'd like to study (examples of "areas of science": human body, weather, geology, plants, insects, planets, diseases)

Friday 1/30: Hand in the notebook again with at least a page of notes taken about the area of science that was chosen. (either list facts found about that topic, or write paragraphs about something you read in books or found online). This work should lead up to your child choosing a more focused topic.

Parents must help make sure your child writes where that information was found. Book title/author, or website name.

Monday 2/2: Hand in the notebook again, this time with a title for the project, and a short summary of what exactly you will do for the project.

Monday 2/9: Hand in the notebook again, with a plan for the project (what will go where on the poster board, and plans for the model and/or experiment). This should be plan should be detailed, with drawings or diagrams.

Friday 2/13: Hand in the notebook again so I can check your progress.

Wednesday 2/18: Hand in the notebook for the final time.

Friday 2/20: Science Fair

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