from:Martin, Natalie

to:Science 3

Time Feb. 03, 2016

SciCore Academy's science fair will be held on March 4th at 6:30pm in the gymnasium.

Students in grades 1-4 may do a "demonstration" or "display" project on a topic of their choice. More ambitious students in grades 3 and 4 may do a research or engineering project.

I have discussed many topic choices with all students in grades 1-4. If your child has chosen a topic (parents and teacher must approve), then please get to work researching the topic right away and ordering any parts or materials you may require. A topic must be chosen by Friday February 5th, so your child can discuss it with me for my approval.

The topic the student chooses must be something of interest to the student. A parent or teacher should not force a particular topic. This is important to keeping the student engaged in the science fair project.

Requirements for the fair include:

a tri-fold poster displaying data, pictures, or explanations
a typed report that explains what the student has researched/experimented (I am not setting a page-length requirement)
a separate composition-type science fair notebook (explained below)
model/demonstration/experiment if it makes sense for the topic
Students will need a science fair notebook (a new composition notebook) where their work is documented along the way. Pages must be dated and work done summarized, with drawings and observations. Drawings are very much welcomed and encouraged. The notebook should start off with the idea for a topic, whether is started as a general or very specific idea. We want to see the student's thought process during the whole journey. Write about any successes or failures in the project. Write new things that were researched, or draw a diagram they found that helps explain the topic. This notebook must be bought to the fair with their poster, and report.

I will make periodic "notebook checks" in class to see what is being done in the notebook, and to keep students on the right track. So please make sure it comes with them to school on days that they have science class.

A science fair project can be a wonderful learning experience for your child. We encourage all parents to help their children define their project, work on it on a regular schedule, and bring it to successful completion. I hope you have fun with it!

-Miss Martin

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