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11th grade Thanksgiving Day Homework

TimeNov. 22, 2012

to:All Students

Trigonometry: Test # 8,9,10 (test # 10 must be the explar exam)

United States History and Government: An 6000 word essay of the presidential debate. Will count as a test grade, and a homework grade.

English term 5: Chapter 16 (Vocabulary Words) in English textbook pg 78-83

French term 5: A 4 paragraphed essay on the French Revolution (only about french)

Art term 5: Draw an image of your thanksgiving Day feast. Counts as a test grade and a homework

CIS Term 3- honors: NO HOMEWORK

Sing (Elective)- NO WRITTEN HOMEWORK! Study notes and learn your lines.

Gym: write a one paragraph essay ( 12 sentences) on eating health.

Chemistry: Textbook pg 82 Questions 1-5 (only a)


Enjoy your thanksgiving break!