Welcome H.S.G

Art Term 3 will be ending shortly (end of fall term)

TimeDec. 18, 2012


Dear Students and Parents of our Art program,

Art term 1 and 2 were not that easy, but your children have been extremely successful! If they went to summer school for Art they will not be placed in Art term 4 or 5.

Art term 4:

Art term 4 is harder than term 1 and 2. If you are a gifted artist you will be extremely successful. Art term 4 allows you to have up to a 105 average. It is possible to get above a 100 average and it will count towards your report card average:). Art is not hard to pass at all. 95% of the class will have a 90 average.

Art term 5:

An accelerated Art program. Must be at the top of your art class with a 95 % average at the least and 105 % average at the most.