to:Science Term 2, Make Up Class

Time Jan. 28, 2013

Dear Students,

For Marking Period 2 of the Spring term which will be February 21st, 2013 we will start lab on Monday- Friday. According to the classes you failed we make up that day or that class lab you will be attending. Monday is Biology, Tuesday is Earth Science, Wednesday is Chemistry, Thursday is Physics and Friday is a making up lab as always!. Lab will count as a separate assignment and will count as your marking period exams. It will show on your report card in the Final Exam column. You need 50 labs to take the Regent exams in June. Good Luck, you will receive help on this labs.


John Smith

Grade 12

Graduation date changed to 2016

failed Earth Science

last year: mp1 - 50 mp2- 55 mp3-60

amount of labs completed 25 1/2%.

New year:

mp1- 90 (50%)

lab grade mp1- 100 (50%)

overall marking period grade: 95%

mp2-85 (50%)

lab grade mp2-100 (50%)

overall marking period grade: 93%

mp3-85 (50%)

lab grade mp3- 100 (50%)

overall marking period grade: 93%

Cumulative Averages:

Marking Period Average:

mp1-95 mp2-93 mp3-93=93%

Lab Average:

mp1-95 mp2-100 mp3-100=98%

Marking period average 93%+ Lab Average 98%= Final Average for Term 96%

Improvement shown:

last year

Marking Period average: 63% *Regent Score 35(50%)=45%

Lab average was included in Marking Period Averages.


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