Easter Break/ Spring Break Assignment


to:All Students

Time March 26, 2013

Math (Trigonometry): Buy Regents Book (mini book). Complete all pages 1-20 on loose-leaf. IT will count as 6 exam grades. Also buy big book!

French Term 6: No Homework!

Spanish Term 2: Create 50 sentences typed describing you and your family.

Science (Chemistry) Term 2: No Homework!

Gym Term 2: Print out facts about the human body! +50 on participation grade!

Sing (Elective) term 2 Create a script and a critique. Follow instruction given in class and on sheet. It will count as a test grade.

Lego Robots (H)- Term 1: Write a 6 paragraph essay following instructions on sheet. Will count as a test, homework, quiz, and project grade!

United States History and Government Term 2: Do all worksheets and finish essay at home!

English Term 6: Project! Create a fantasy story. Must be four paragraphs typed and must have a cover. Will count as project and test grade. -15 days late.

Science Term 2 (make up class): Do Regent Exam given to you in class. Also complete 5 labs at home.

Art Term 5: Bring in supplies and contracts! -50 off average if not brought in!

Enjoy Easter Break!

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