from:Laurie, Jennifer

to:Gastronomy 1

Time Oct. 25, 2013

Hello Level One Students! I am writing on behalf of myself and Ryan Whibbs to welcome you to the Stratford Chefs School and to Gastronomy I. We hope you have had a great first week and that you are feeling excited for the year ahead! Both of us look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon in class and to sharing our enthusiasm for the subject. The course has been completely revamped for this year and we have lots of resources and activities to share with you! We would ask that for tomorrow you read through the first chapter of the manual, especially all the assignments so you are prepared with any questions you may have. We will be going through the course outline and each assignment as well. We expect that you will bring your iPad with you to every class both to access the manual and other activities. An old fashioned pen and paper is also not a bad idea! In class we will be sharing three files with you via Air Share so please make sure that program is enabled on your iPad before class starts. See you tomorrow at 1:30pm at Rundles! Jennifer Laurie and Ryan Whibbs Gastronomy Co-Instructors

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