Level 2 update & groups



to:Level 2

Time July 07, 2014

files: L2 Group 2014.docx

Dear Incoming Level 2 Students,

The attached file shows your Level 2 Kitchen groups. A number of you asked to be in a group with certain others. Unfortunately I have not been able to accommodate very many of those requests. The groups were determined in consultation with the chef instructors, with the intention of achieving a balance within and between groups re. gender, leadership, initiative and academic/practical strengths. My apologies if I have not been able to honour your requests, but at this point the groups are final.

Thanks for submitting your contracts and payment for Level 2 … not so far away now. An early heads-ups: we have now posted (most of) the textbooks you will need to buy on the website (you can get them as e-books or in whatever form you like.) We will not have copies of these texts for sale at the school.

Also FYI: Orientation for Level 2 students will take place on Friday October 17 and Saturday October 18. In August, I will post information/reminders about Internships Reports, Lunch Lab menus, Lab Schedules and Purchase Orders. Meanwhile, I hope you are having a productive, enjoyable summer.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. It is easiest to reach me at: megwestley@gmail.com

All the best,


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