Copy of August 12 email & files

Dear Level 2 Students,

As the school year approaches, I want to touch base about a few things.

Attached please find:
1. Internship Package materials (manual, assignment sheet, marking rubric). Your internship report is due the first day of classes - Oct. 27th by 5:00PM to the office. You lose 5% per day for late submissions, no exceptions. So you must complete the report before the start of school.  Don’t delay and start the year behind!

2. Level 2 Groups, FYI. Some of you made specific requests to be in groups with other students. I have tried to accommodate but in many cases have not been able to, as it is very important the groups be balanced to ensure success across the board. At this point, the groups are pretty much set in stone.

Next week I hope to post on Thinkwave the Lab Organization Chart (which will also indicate who is marking your internship report/lab package in case you have questions), Kitchen & Service Position Rotation, and PO assignment information. I will send another email when that material is available – and also explain a bit about lunch labs.

You must submit proof of having completed your Smart Serve and the online Health and Safety course (if you have not already done so) by Oct. 23, via email to
Please ensure you take the time to complete these two courses before Orientation begins. The Smart Serve certificate takes a little time to process after completing the course/exam.
NB: students without Smart Serve certification will not be permitted to work labs and will suffer associated penalties (mark of “0”).

As you know our Gastronomic Writer in Residence this year is Gabrielle Hamilton, award-winning New York chef, owner of Prune Restaurant in NYC and author of the New York Times bestseller Blood, Bones and Butter. I highly recommend that you read this excellent book sometime before January 12, when Gabrielle starts at the school. It is an easy-to-read, entertaining and highly informative memoir of how Gabrielle became a chef; knowing the details will allow you to engage with her in more depth while she is here.

This year we have scheduled 2 days for Level 2 orientation: Friday Oct. 23 and Saturday Oct. 24. Attendance is mandatory as we will be covering critical material related to lab assignments & responsibilities, as well as course-related details some of you will need to prepare for classes/labs in Week 1.
Level 2s are invited guests at the school’s season opener on Friday Oct. 23 in the evening – this is a great opportunity for us to showcase you, and for you to meet and interact with the school’s supporters.

We are in the process of finalizing the Level 2 student contact info sheet. If your email or phone number has changed, please notify Tamara at as soon as possible.
Tamara has also requested that you answer the questions she sent for your SCS website bio. If you have not yet responded please do so, as we want to start populating the website lab calendar with this info.

If you have any questions, please contact me at
I look forward to seeing you all soon.


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