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Attached please find:

  1. Lab Organization Chart, which tells you who is student chef for which lab, PO due dates and lab package due dates/markers. In Weeks 1 & 2, you will note that there are a number of dinners where only the group is indicated. There will be no official student chef for these labs. This gives you a chance to see how the labs work prior to your turn as student chef – and it ensures equal # of labs for each student. 
  2. IR/LP Assigned Markers. You must submit your lab package to the pertinent marker (Ian Middleton or Randi Rudner) the Friday BEFORE that lab. You only submit a lab package for one lab (see Lab Org Chart). The lab package requirements will be reviewed at orientation. NB: you will also submit your internship report to your lab marker. If you have any questions about that report, please contact your marker: Randi  or Ian
  3. Kitchen & Service Position Rotation: this shows you who fills which position (kitchen & FOH) when any given student is student chef.

I will post the Purchase Order assignment details in the next few days.

You will each design a menu for one lab (mostly lunches; in weeks 3 & 4, a few students will do dinner menus), in consultation with your Lab Instructor (for lunches: Ryan O’Donnell, for dinners: Bryan Steele). It is critical that you contact the instructor well in advance to establish the menu for the lab – at least TWO weeks before your PO is due, as the instructor must sign off on the PO.  Those of you with lunch labs in weeks 1 & 2 will be contacted separately.  For questions about student-designed menus, you can email Ryan at or Bryan at

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