Re-write: Gabrielle assignment


to:Level 1

Time Jan. 14, 2016

Please see below Gabrielle's instructions for rewriting your assignments. These are due at the start of Culinary Management, Tuesday Jan. 19 at 1:30 PM.

With the rigor and vigor of both Hemingway and Batali, please remove every single extraneous word, phrase, paragraph and sentence from your book reviews.  Apply to your reviews the several techniques we were able to identify by dissecting the 6 word novel and the 6 word memoir:
*respect the intelligence of your reader. (we know what size and color baby shoes are; we know that arugula is green and peppery.)
*let one excellent word take the place of 3 mediocre ones. (Our roast chicken recipes came to life when our words got better!)
*break up the potential monotony of straight play announcement with "color commentary", as used in sports broadcasting.
*use words that have impact and specificity in place of wan, general or oblique words: "scalding" versus "temperature", "gold" versus "valuable".

and finally, after you have dropped all the dead weight from your papers, be sure they still make sense, that they reveal who you are, that they have flow, and are lively to read.
thank you so much for taking the time to revise!

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