Missing Grades and Sign Ups


from:Albert, Theresa


Time Feb. 05, 2018

Hello nutrition class, 

  1. I am still missing 8 grades for assignment #1. Should you wish to receive any grade, please submit by 10 pm tonight if your grade is missing. 
  2. I am missing some sign ups and some film choices for your final assignment.  Here is what I have: 

Mark,Tom N, Travis M and Martin-film required

Shane J, Steve O. Alex P and Emily S-Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Kyle, Dan, Lou Lou and Nathan? (someone has terrible printing)-Food Inc

Kass, Sean, Cody and Barb Rotten: Peanut

Ryan, Tanner, Mitch and Jacob: Rotten: Honey

Katrina, Kate, Trent and Dexter-Global Waste

Zac, Al Maxx and Mitch-Film? 

Justin and Jared-sustainable

Jordan, Jules and Jessica-Forks over knives

The following need to form two groups of three and let me know which film by 10 pm tonight: 

Dylan, Sophie and Jessie

Keysha, Duncan and Allan

3. Lastly, we will be completing the in class lecture on Feb 10 in the first hour. The test will follow. 


Please email me theresa@theresaalbert. Thanks! 


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