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drugs unit

TimeMay 01, 2013

from:Yuna , Steven


Hello Parents. we are starting our drug unit. he have some up to date educational resources from Drug Free World Inc. Parents, if you would like to visit the drug free world buisness website, go to http://www.drugfreeworld.org or education.drugfreeworld.org. attached (if it works) is a pdf file of the drugs unit vocab list. this is from drugfreeworld.org. you may need to sign up as a teacher but can still use as a parent even though you are signed up as a teacher. parents, if you would just like to login under our classes account, you can login with Steven.yuna@greenhouse.lotus.com and buffy567 under password at education.drugfreeworld.org. Thanks! to access vocab pdf on browser go to the link from below: http://f.edgesuite.net/data/www.drugfreeworld.org/files/glossary-of-terms.pdf?_tempcb=0.7657037386670709