to:All Students

Time Jan. 24, 2012

Hello All,

This semester I am giving this another try of online communication. If you have any questions and need an immediate response please contact me by email as it goes directly to my phone at; I have been using this grading system for two years now and this is the easiest way for parents to check in on what there child is doing in class and also any test or quizzes that will come up soon. I will also post a homework journal on here as an attachment. It is the students sole responsibility to communicate with you in truth of what work is completed and what is not, unfortunately in this class we are in a transition period we are either entering into middle school and the next couple of years will be a transition to high school and some are already in the beginning of high-school so it is expected that students keep track of their work and any test that are up coming. If you have any questions as always please contact me and if there is anything that you feel I can work on please communicate with me I would love to hear feedback.

Thank you and God Bless!!

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