Thanksgiving Schedule

to:All Students

Time Nov. 23, 2013

To ACI Parents:

Due to Thanksgiving Break (November 25-29), we will change all the classes’ schedules on as the following:

Thanksgiving Break (November 25-29)

  • Monday (November-25)           Same class time 
  • Tuesday (November-26)          Same Class time
  • Wednesday (November-27)    Math   -  10:00-12:30pm
  •                                                     ELD   -  10:00-12:00pm 
  •                                                     SAT   -   1:00-3:00pm 
  • Thursday (November-28)         No Class
  • Friday (November-29)              No Class  

If students will be absent, please contact our office at (626) 286-5903.

Happy holidays!!
ACI Temple City Campus



為了配合感恩節之紀念假期﹐南加州學院November 25-29所有課程將安排如下:

Thanksgiving Break (November 25-29)

Monday (November-25)           Same class time
Tuesday (November-26)          Same Class time
Wednesday (November-27)    Math   -  10:00-12:30pm
                                                    ELD   -  10:00-12:00pm
                                                    SAT   -   1:00-3:00pm
Thursday (November-28)         No Class
Friday (November-29)              No Class

如果您對此項課程安排有任何問題﹐歡迎來電 (626) 286-5903查詢。


Temple City分校

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