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MS Students Surpass Food Bank Goal

TimeNov. 20, 2011

to:All Students

Congratulations to all Middle Schools students for surpassing their goal for the Hawkeye Harvest food bank.  Over 1100 items were donated! In celebration of this accomplishment, all Middle School students will be attending a FREE movie, “Jack and Jill” (rated PG), on Tuesday, November 22 in the afternoon. 

For those students interested, the concession stand will be open.  Any items purchased will be at the student’s own expense.  The school will not provide snacks.  The prices for the concession stand are below.  All students will be back at school in time for normal dismissal.

Soda—SM $3.25        MED $3.75      LG $4.25                       

Candy--$2.75 / $3.50

Water—SM $3.00  / LG     $3.50                                           


Icee—SM $4.00 / LG     $4.50                                           

Kiddie Combo--$5.00

Popcorn—SM $4.25   MED $4.75  LG $5.50