to:All Students

Time Aug. 20, 2012

Dear Students/Parents/Guardians,

* You will be recieveing the same message on paper that your students will be sent home with them. The document will contain an access code for both parents, and students for you to access grades, for you to contact me, and see all student reports. Please sign up as quickly as possible.

- Please be patient, for it may take me a day or two to upload grades for each student, sense I am a new teacher and I am looking forward to teaching your student and bringing out the best in them. However, well trying to connect with my students and really getting to know them I feel for myself that creating a connection between my students, and myself is key for them to succeed the best. What I personally mean is instead of them being just random students to actual create a connection with the students. Meaning I want my students to trust me, and if something is wrong that they would trust me, and for me to help them, or even if they just need an ear to listen to, then to allow them to talk to me. Also this works great if an unexpected occurence happens. If you have any more questions feel free to contact me.

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