to:All Students

Time Dec. 06, 2011

Strive for excellence you’ll be glad you did. Most of us would prefer to do things properly but sometimes we give up rather than keep trying. Yet the satisfaction you get from doing something well is tremendous. Ask any athlete who has won a race how it feels and he or she will tell you that all the effort and training was worthwhile. The same applies to anything we do. Take painting a room for instance. We can simply slap on a coat of paint or we can do the job properly by sanding the doors or washing the skirting boards before we start. We should, of course, recognise our own limitations. We have not all been born with the musical abilities of Mozart and we cannot all paint masterpieces like Van Gogh. No matter what we do though we should do it to the best of our ability. Persistence, patience and passion are the secrets of success in every field. That includes public speaking. So if you are writing a speech for instance it means doing your homework and checking your facts. It means finding suitable quotations and writing a speech suited to the particular audience in question. Then you have to practise until you can deliver that speech professionally. You may not be an orator like President Kennedy but if you strive to write an excellent speech and you have the passion for your subject you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you have done as well as you possibly can.

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